About Us

Bolsa International has helped a number of organizations meet a variety of productive objectives requiring different kind of bags to help assure success. Whatever the project or product goal, whoever the intended target audience, the professional staff at Bolsa has consistently met challenge after challenge with energy, enthusiasm and expertise; a combination that has won us repeat business and a superior reputation in the manufacturing business Bolsa International is your one-stop manufacturer for all your needs regarding. If you are a bag Importer, Wholesaler, Retailer, Distributor we are sure to have products that fit your budget and your sense of style!

Bolsa International is happy to be in the position to meet this demand, with a broad choice of bags. Since we manufacture and customize products on demand, the company is able to offer more competitive pricing. Consumers are able to obtain products of equal or superior quality to any major brands, but at significantly lower prices. Our quality products and value-added production services with expert manufacturing solutions and competitive pricing are performance characteristics that, when put to the test, our customers know aren’t just words in a brochure. Given the opportunity, we would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. We thank you for your dedication and believing in our company and our products. We look forward to serving you with all your needs at any time.

Best wish.

Tanzeel Sarfaraz


Bolsa International